Clean, Renewable Energy for a Better Environment

Since its inception, Wheelabrator has showcased decades of investment in the forefront of alternative energy generation. Our clean energy producing facilities are designed to lead our world into a clean energy generation era.

In 1975, Wheelabrator introduced the first large-scale, commercially successful waste-to-energy project in the United States when it opened the doors to Wheelabrator Saugus, located north of Boston, Massachusetts.

After several years of technical improvements to the grate and boiler design and emissions control systems, Wheelabrator engineers perfected the science of converting trash to steam and electricity while strictly controlling emissions. Today, the iconic Wheelabrator Saugus surpasses all current air-quality requirements and continues to serve Massachusetts’ North Shore communities.

Wheelabrator's waste-to-energy facilities today represent state-of-the-art, modern materials handling, trash combustion, refuse boiler design, air quality control, electric power generation and ash residue recycling and management systems.

Additionally, Wheelabrator's four independent power plants have the generating capacity to produce 184 megawatts of clean energy using a variety of waste fuels including wood waste, waste tires and waste coal.


Waste-to-Energy Plants


Wheelabrator Independent Power Plants


Wheelabrator Ash Landfills