Wheelabrator Saugus Inc.

Wheelabrator Saugus Inc.

Plant Facts

Located in Saugus, Massachusetts, the Wheelabrator Saugus Inc. waste-to-energy facility provides dependable, environmentally safe disposal of municipal solid waste, while generating clean electricity for sale to the local utility.

In continuous operation since 1975, this landmark facility is the United States’ first commercially successful waste-to-energy facility. Wheelabrator Saugus has a storied history as both an industrial pioneer and significant contributor to the local agricultural community. Designed, constructed, owned and operated by Wheelabrator Technologies, the facility can process up to 1,500 tons per day of municipal solid waste from 10 communities on the North Shore of Massachusetts. The facility has an electric generating capacity of 38,000 kilowatts; the equivalent of supplying the electrical needs of 47,000 Massachusetts homes.

As a member of the Saugus community, Wheelabrator has a strong commitment and track record for creating a safe and healthy environment for its neighbors. In 2001, Wheelabrator created the Bear Creek Wildlife Sanctuary. Developed and maintained by plant management on the 300-acre Saugus waste-to-energy site, the 200-acre Sanctuary is situated in the Rumney Marshes Area of Critical Environmental Concern. The sanctuary offers an on-site meeting and teaching center that is actively used as a classroom and field laboratory for a variety of environmental studies through partnerships with local educational institutions. Recent public access improvements to Rumney Marsh include the new nature trail at Bear Creek Wildlife Sanctuary. When completed the $2 million nature trail will feature 10 biospheres and 13 acres of restored grassland habitat to attract a wide range of migrating birds; all abutting the Saugus facility.

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