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Wheelabrator Technologies moves headquarters to Pease

Industrial, open-plan office designed to promote collaboration in keeping with updated corporate vision, values and website

PORTSMOUTH, N.H. — August 2, 2016 — Wheelabrator Technologies, the second largest U.S. provider of clean energy from everyday residential and business waste, has relocated its U.S. corporate headquarters to Pease International Tradeport in Portsmouth. The office move aligned with Wheelabrator’s unveiling of its new corporate vision, values and website.

Now located at 100 Arboretum Drive at Portsmouth’s Pease International Tradeport, Wheelabrator’s approximately 100 full-time employees now enjoy a modern, industrial, open-plan office space designed to promote collaboration and a vibrant office culture.

“At Wheelabrator, our vision is to develop, deliver and realize the potential of clean energy, and our new office was designed to reflect our recent changes in our organization and the culture we want to support,” said Wheelabrator President and CEO Bob Boucher. “It creates a collaborative working environment that we hope will help retain and attract top talent to our business. The new office provides an inviting working environment where plant employees will feel right at home and all our employees can work together.”

•	Reception area at Wheelabrator Technologies’ new corporate headquarters, Portsmouth, N.H. (JS Photography)  •	Open meeting space and employee break area at Wheelabrator Technologies’ new corporate headquarters, Portsmouth, N.H. (JS Photography)

From left: Reception area and open meeting space/employee break area at Wheelabrator Technologies’ new corporate headquarters, Portsmouth, N.H. (JS Photography)

The new space was designed to recognize Wheelabrator’s strong operational performance and focus the company’s corporate office on supporting Wheelabrator’s fleet of energy-from-waste facilities across the U.S. and U.K. The modular office plan incorporates Wheelabrator’s brand colors, smart technology functionality and includes materials from their facilities such as boiler tubes and grate parts. Further, the design includes elements promoting Wheelabrator’s updated vision and values: Safety on Purpose; One Team; Pride Matters; Make a Difference; and Act with Courage, which were developed hand in hand with field operators. Wheelabrator’s new space was created with the support of Manchester-based interior design firm, Stibler Associates, LLC (, and its new property manager, Boston-based Farley White Interests (

“Wheelabrator came to us with ambitious design goals for their space and we think the results are fantastic,” said Principal of Farley White Interests, Roger “Sam” Altreuter. “The space is incredibly modern and open with high ceilings and innovative lighting, and was completed on schedule in under 12 weeks — an ambitious challenge due to the organization’s focus on larger strategic goals.”

Shortly after the office move, Wheelabrator launched its new interactive and responsive corporate website ( which serves as a communications, marketing and business tool to support the company’s growth and development across both U.S. and U.K. markets. The website showcases Wheelabrator’s core capabilities and world-class operations, providing users with the opportunity to contact their local plant manager, begin the process of becoming a new customer, pay their bill, apply for a job or connect with Wheelabrator through social media.

About Wheelabrator:

Headquartered in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, Wheelabrator is the second largest U.S. energy from waste business, and is an industry leader in the conversion of everyday residential and business waste into clean energy. The company’s vision To develop, deliver and realize the potential of clean energy speaks to Wheelabrator’s ongoing commitment to the development of clean energy solutions for its customers and local communities. Wheelabrator has a platform of 16 energy-from-waste facilities across the U.S. and U.K., four independent power-producing facilities, four ash monofills and three waste transfer stations.

Wheelabrator has an annual waste processing capacity of over 7.5 million tons, and a total combined electric generating capacity of 853 megawatts - enough energy to power more than 805,000 homes. In addition, Wheelabrator recovers metals for recycling into commercial products. Wheelabrator is owned by Energy Capital Partners, an energy-focused private equity firm with offices in Short Hills, New Jersey, Houston and San Diego. For more on Wheelabrator, please visit For more on Energy Capital Partners, please visit