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Wheelabrator Westchester and White Plains Linen receive 2014 Earth Day Award

Westchester County Recognizes Innovative Renewable Energy Partnership

PEEKSKILL, N.Y. (May 21, 2014) — Wheelabrator Westchester and White Plains Linen have received a 2014 Earth Day Award from Westchester County for a first-of-its-kind renewable energy project in the City of Peekskill.

The award was presented to company executives at Westchester’s Earth Day celebration at Croton Point Park on Sunday, May 18.

In 2013, the companies constructed a steam line linking the Wheelabrator Westchester waste-to-energy plant to White Plains Linen’s neighboring commercial laundry. Steam from Wheelabrator Technologies’ Westchester waste-to-energy facility is used to power White Plain Linen’s laundry equipment and room heating systems, reducing the facility’s natural gas consumption by 90 percent.

This steep reduction in the laundry’s natural gas usage eliminates 4,775 metric tons of greenhouse gas emissions annually, equivalent to taking nearly 1,000 passenger vehicles off the road.

“Many people don’t realize that about 90 percent of Westchester’s solid waste is processed at Wheelabrator Westchester, which is a vast improvement from landfilling our waste,” said County Executive Robert P. Astorino. “The County Department of Environmental Facilities acknowledged Wheelabrator and White Plains Linen this year, not only for their ahead-of-the-curve thinking redirecting residual steam to power the commercial laundry facility, but also to make our local public more aware of the inherent benefits of having a waste-to-energy facility within our borders.“

“For nearly 30 years, Wheelabrator Westchester has been converting post-recycled waste into a clean, renewable source of electricity for the region,” said Brett Baker, plant manager of Wheelabrator Westchester. “We extend our sincere gratitude to Westchester County for recognizing our partnership with White Plains Linen, which expands the use of renewable energy and further reduces local dependence on fossil fuels. The reliable delivery of clean energy such as steam to support local industry and economic growth is a business solution we hope to provide to additional customers in the future.”

Designed, constructed and operated by Wheelabrator Technologies, the Wheelabrator Westchester plant processes up to 2,250 tons per day of municipal solid waste. Inside the plant, waste is transferred to utility-type boilers that recover thermal energy in the form of high pressure steam, which is converted to electrical power by a turbine. The plant generates 60,000 kilowatts of electricity — enough to power 88,000 New York homes.


A wholly owned subsidiary of Waste Management, Wheelabrator Technologies Inc. is a leader in the safe and environmentally sound conversion of municipal solid waste and other renewable waste fuels into clean energy. Wheelabrator owns or operates 17 waste-to-energy facilities that provide safe waste disposal for towns and cities across the U.S. Wheelabrator also operates four independent power plants designed to generate electricity using an assortment of fuels, including waste wood, waste coal, and natural gas. In addition to producing electricity, some of these facilities also produce steam sold to nearby government and commercial establishments. Wheelabrator’s 21 facilities have a combined electric generating capacity of 853 megawatts, enough energy to power more than 900,000 homes. To learn more, visit or tweet us.


Waste Management, Inc., based in Houston, Texas, is the leading provider of comprehensive waste management services in North America. Through its subsidiaries, the company provides collection, transfer, recycling and resource recovery, and disposal services. It is also a leading developer, operator and owner of waste-to-energy and landfill gas-to-energy facilities in the United States. The company’s customers include residential, commercial, industrial, and municipal customers throughout North America. To learn more information about Waste Management visit or