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WIN Waste Innovations sponsors clean-up in Rumney Marshes

Community groups join effort to remove trash from park adjacent to Route 107

SAUGUS, MA – April 20, 2021 – WIN Waste Innovations, formerly Wheelabrator Saugus, brought environmental and community groups together today for a clean-up in the Rumney Marshes as part of the company’s focus on service and sustainability: Performance for the Planet.

The clean-up of this critical environmental area was conducted in a park adjacent to Route 107, across the street from Bear Creek Wildlife Sanctuary at WIN Waste Innovations.

Among those participating in the clean-up were local students, youth softball players, military veterans and Boy Scouts, who removed trash and debris from the ground and the marsh.

"This clean-up is an extension of the work we do at Bear Creek,” said Geoff Wilson, who has managed Bear Creek Wildlife Sanctuary since it was created. “We are especially pleased to partner with community groups as we enhance our commitment to protect the environment, especially in the Rumney Marshes."

Bear Creek Wildlife Sanctuary was created by Wheelabrator in 1997 with the goal of providing a natural habitat for bird species and other wildlife as well as space for educational and recreational opportunities for students and adults. The 370-acre sanctuary is a habitat for nearly 200 bird species, as well as other wildlife such as coyotes, foxes, raccoons and snakes. There are more than 16,000 feet of walking trails, a half-acre exhibit garden, and meeting and lecture areas. The company has invested more than $4 million into the sanctuary since its inception.

"Today’s clean-up is part of a series of events company-wide to preserve habitats and promote sustainability," said Mary Urban, WIN Waste Innovations External Communications & Outreach Manager. "We will be bringing similar events to communities where we are operating as we engage community volunteers and employees in protecting the planet."

"Performance for the Planet is about how we reliably and consistently deliver superior waste services to customers, from curbside collection to powering local homes," said Chris Karras, Vice President, Northern N.E., Hauling & Transfer, WIN Waste Innovations. “Today’s activity serves as a reminder that everything we do is designed to build healthier communities and have a positive impact on the environment.”


“Bear Creek Wildlife Sanctuary is a remarkable example of how waste management and habitat management can co-evolve. GOMI has brought teachers and students to the site to see what innovation, stewardship and science can do to dispose of waste responsibly and restore landfill to wildlife sanctuaries. It is truly a remarkable and an undersold story that I hope will be the model for the industry and the municipalities they serve. Aside from being a hot spot for birders and an urban sanctuary experience, the sanctuary is a present-day lesson for sustainable living important for young people to see and embrace.”

John Terry, Ph.D.
Director, Gulf of Maine Institute

“Long ago, the area now known as Bear Creek Wildlife Sanctuary, in the midst of Rumney Marshes, was an uncontrolled landfill which attracted geese, owls, diurnal raptors, gulls and other wildlife. After the sanctuary was created, I began to lead frequent field trips there in the early 2000s for members of the local birding community. I think the success of the wildlife sanctuary is remarkable, and I am excited to continue to participate in the Saltmarsh Sparrow Program as it expands.”

Soheil Zendeh

“I have been participating with Bear Creek Wildlife Sanctuary on a grassland bird program since 1998. During this time I have watched their birding and migratory wildlife programs evolve into what they are today. I’m looking forward to continuing to participate in this program as they expand their environmental stewardship programs throughout the WIN Waste Innovations market areas.”

Linda Pivacek



On April 6, Wheelabrator Technologies announced the integration of 10 leading waste industry businesses into a single company operating under the WIN Waste Innovations brand name. As one entity, the legacy businesses represent a curb-to-grid waste management company designed to enhance customer service and deliver superior, sustainable waste solutions tailored to the needs of each customer. WIN Waste Innovations is committed to delivering essential waste management solutions to customers and communities supported by our team of 1,900 employees. We believe in preserving our environment for future generations while providing for today’s needs. WIN Waste Innovations is a vertically integrated business with a platform of 50 strategically located collection, transfer and disposal assets, including waste- to-energy facilities, transfer stations, ash monofills, landfills, and fleets of rail cars and collection vehicles. We process more than 11 million tons of waste annually, converting 6.7 million tons of waste into clean, renewable energy that powers 340,000 homes. We recycle more than 234,000 tons of plastic, paper and metals from the waste stream.

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