Wheelabrator Shrewsbury

Wheelabrator Shrewsbury

The Wheelabrator Shrewsbury ash monofill is a regional commercial facility that has served several waste-to-energy facilities since opening in 1987 as well as other private sector power plants. The 8.4 million cubic yard facility, originally sited to dispose of ash from Wheelabrator’s nearby waste-to-energy plant in Millbury, Massachusetts, receives more than 400,000 tons of ash per year. This monofill has provided over 25 years of reliable ash disposal to the Wheelabrator Millbury facility and several other waste-to-energy plants in the region.

The nearly 200-acre property is owned by the Town of Shrewsbury with several lined ash disposal cells permitted that will eventually total nearly 75 acres, built sequentially throughout its life.  The facility now features innovative, proprietary Inashco technology to extract recyclable metals from the ash prior to disposal.

All wastewater generated by the site is collected and treated at the Town of Westborough Wastewater Treatment Facility.  Environmental conditions are monitored by an extensive network of groundwater wells and surface water collection stations.

Responsible Disposal and Reuse

  • Post-recycled waste processed in waste-to-energy facilities reduce waste volumes by 90 percent - remaining 10 percent is ash residue
  • Wheelabrator Shrewsbury safely disposes of ash after the recovery of ferrous scrap metals, such as iron and steel, and non-ferrous scrap metals, such as copper and aluminum
  • Utilizing Inashco’s patented and proprietary technology, we further enhance metals recovery at the monofill, including copper, zinc, lead and aluminum as small as 0.2 mm in size
  • Scrap metals recovered from the ash are sent to be recycled into new commercial products


Fast Facts:

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200 acres
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