Wheelabrator Baltimore

Wheelabrator Baltimore

Wheelabrator Baltimore is an integral part of Maryland's energy, environmental and economic infrastructure, providing sustainable waste management for 34 years.

The Wheelabrator Baltimore waste-to-energy facility converts up to 2,250 tons of post-recycled everyday waste from Baltimore area homes and businesses as a local, sustainable fuel to generate as much as 64.5 gross MW of clean, renewable electricity for sale to the local utility — the equivalent of supplying the electrical needs of ~31,000 Maryland homes as well as its own operations.

The facility provides steam to the downtown heating loop — which serves more than 255 businesses including M&T Bank Stadium, home of the Baltimore Ravens — in addition to providing power to thousands of Baltimore-area homes, using local waste as fuel to create a local-energy ecosystem that recycles metals, provides power, reduces the need for landfill, and lowers CO2 emissions.

By using local waste as a fuel to create a local-energy ecosystem, the facility diverts waste from landfills and lowers greenhouse gases by recycling metals, offsetting the use of fossil fuels and reducing methane emissions from landfills. 

As a significant partner in the City of Baltimore’s revitalization over 30 years, Wheelabrator has helped the city reduce its carbon footprint while providing Tier 1 renewable energy to tens of thousands of Maryland homes and businesses. In addition, it has been a supporter and contributor to several green initiatives within the city.

One year after it began operations, Wheelabrator Baltimore opened the Aquaculture Center to raise threatened fish species such as large-mouth bass, rock fish, and yellow perch that are released into Maryland rivers in partnership with the Maryland Department of Natural Resources. The facility also supports numerous local and regional organizations including local schools with employee volunteerism and program funding. For over 34 years, we have partnered with community leaders and businesses to support important causes in Baltimore City. We Can Bmore, a Wheelabrator Baltimore project, is a public awareness and engagement campaign investing in waste reduction initiatives and the individuals, organizations, and institutions that support this important work in Baltimore City.

“Wheelabrator Baltimore's been an outstanding environmental steward in Baltimore City. Not only have they saved significant landfill space for the region, but they've operated the plant in an efficient, clean manner producing clean, green electricity.”

- Chris Skaggs, Executive Director, Northeast Maryland Waste Disposal Authority

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Fast Facts:

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64.5 MW
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