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Wheelabrator Saugus

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The Wheelabrator Saugus waste-to-energy facility provides environmentally safe and dependable disposal up to 1,500 tons per day of everyday household and business waste from 10 Massachusetts communities. By creating a local-energy ecosystem where waste is a local fuel, Wheelabrator Saugus generates 54 MW of clean, reliable energy to meet the electrical needs of 16,801 Massachusetts homes as well as its own operations. Wheelabrator Saugus opened in 1975. It was Wheelabrator’s first waste-to-energy facility and has a storied history as both an industrial pioneer and a contributor to the local community.

As we process post-recycled waste, we reduce waste volumes by 90 percent, and we recover, reuse and recycle ferrous metals. The remaining ash residue is disposed of at our Saugus ash monofill, which features an environmentally protective barrier wall system that is equivalent to a traditional liner and consistently operates in accordance with regulatory standards. The ash disposal process is continuously monitored and includes strict management procedures and operations to protect the environment.

Protective of Public Health and the Environment

Wheelabrator Saugus has a strong commitment and track record for supporting a safe and healthy environment.

  • Our waste-to-energy facility and ash monofill are continuously monitored and consistently operate in accordance with stringent federal, state and local environmental standards designed to protect public health and the environment, including the surrounding Rumney Marsh and Saugus River Watershed
  • Our waste-to-energy facility features the most sophisticated refuse boiler designs, air quality controls and ash residue recycling and management systems
  • Our ash monofill includes an environmentally protective barrier wall system that is equivalent to a traditional liner, in compliance with MA DEP and U.S. EPA requirements

Bear Creek Wildlife Sanctuary

As part of our commitment to the environment, Wheelabrator Saugus maintains the Bear Creek Wildlife Sanctuary, a 370-acre wildlife refuge abutting the 2,274-acre Rumney Marsh ecosystem in Saugus and Revere. Situated directly behind Wheelabrator Saugus, the Bear Creek Wildlife Sanctuary is certified by the Wildlife Habitat Council as both a Wildlife at Work and a Corporate Lands for Learning habitat location.

Ensuring a Home for Migratory Birds: A Model of Success in Balancing Habitat Management with Business Needs

Economic Activity

In addition to the environmental benefits, Wheelabrator Saugus also plays the part of an economic engine, providing numerous economic benefits to the town of Saugus and region. The waste-to-energy facility provides 60 full-time jobs, contributes approximately $28 million to the region, $8 million of which is directly spent in Saugus. This local spending generates $7 million of additional economic activity, 36 additional jobs and $4 million of new taxes and investments in the community.

Community Partner

Actively engaged in the Saugus community, Wheelabrator Saugus supports many nonprofit and civic organizations in town, including the Saugus School System, the Saugus Rotary and Lions clubs, Historical Society, Little League, and participates in the town’s annual holiday celebrations as well as Founder’s Day, which brings local businesses, nonprofits, civic and other organizations together in the town square.

Wheelabrator Saugus has held a seat on the Saugus Business Education Collaborative (SBEC) board of directors for more than 20 years, and also sits on the board of the Saugus Business Partnership.

Understanding the importance of investing in future generations, Wheelabrator Saugus remains committed in its support of Saugus Public Schools. The plant partners with Ballard Early Childhood Center as well as Waybright Elementary School through the SBEC, with employees participating in numerous events at both schools throughout the year.

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Wheelabrator Saugus Facility Fact Sheet

“Wheelabrator has been our largest supporter since day one…Wheelabrator employees are wonderful people who truly care about the community. I can’t thank Wheelabrator enough.”
- Steve Agganis, a local business owner and community volunteer, Saugus, Massachusetts


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Fast Facts:

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Tons of Waste Processed Per Day
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54 MW
Energy Generation Capacity
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