Wheelabrator Shasta

Wheelabrator Shasta

The Wheelabrator Shasta facility is one of northern California's largest wood-fired power plants. The facility provides dependable, environmentally safe disposal of wood waste and forest residue from Shasta County and surrounding areas, while generating clean electricity for sale to the local utility. Processing up to 1,250 tons per day, Wheelabrator Shasta has the electric-generating capacity of 55 MW, the equivalent of supplying the electrical needs of thousands of California homes and businesses as well as its own operations.

Non-merchantable waste wood from Shasta-Trinity and Lassen National Forests, as well as from private lands, are selectively removed and processed in the facility to enhance remaining standing timber.

Wheelabrator Shasta plays a key role in the State of California's effort to safely manage forest residue in high hazard areas to reduce the risk of forest fires. 

Wheelabrator Shasta also operates a Wood Waste Recycling Program year round, which is offered to members of the community at no charge.


Information About Our Wood to Energy Recycling Program

We are happy to provide this service to our community. Please observe our safety guidelines so that we may continue to provide our services at no cost. Thank you for your cooperation.

We Accept the Following Items for Recycling:
Tree limbs and logs, chipped tree wood, pallets and crates, logging slash, clean scrap lumber, clean plywood, clean particle board

We Do Not Accept the Following Items for Recycling:
Painted or treated wood, tree stumps, roots, yard waste, shrubs and bushes, bamboo, shakes & shingles, palm fronds, leaves, pine needles, grass clippings, cardboard, laminated wood, oleander, manzanita, juniper, crape myrtle, vines

100% Compliance
No sorting of material. All loads with unacceptable material cannot be accepted.

Please Use Public Gate – Do Not  Enter Truck Gate
All loads must be inspected and the attendant must be present prior to dumping. Please pull up to stop sign and wait for the attendant to inspect your load and give you unloading directions. Obey attendant and all signs.

Safety Is Our First Priority
We ask all recycling customers to comply with the safety guidelines or load cannot be accepted.

Safety Rules & Guidelines for Wood to Energy Recycling Customers

We reserve the right to refuse any load for any reason.

  1. Wheelabrator employees cannot assist with unloading your vehicle. Please ensure that you are able to safely unload material on your own. If you are unable to safely unload your material, the load will be rejected.
  2. The speed limit at our facility is 5 MPH. Please watch for pedestrian traffic near the brush pile. Please drive slow and carefully. Right of way belongs to heavy equipment and trucks in our yard.
  3. Do not get within 10 feet of another customer unloading brush.
  4. Use of gas-powered equipment (leaf blowers, chainsaws, etc.) is prohibited due to fire danger and safety concerns.
  5. Climbing on top of vehicles or trailers to unload material is prohibited.
  6. Fire danger in our yard is extremely high and smoking is prohibited.
  7. For your own safety, sturdy footwear must be worn. Boots are recommended. Customers wearing sandals or other inappropriate footwear will not be allowed to unload.
  8. Tying off a load to pull it out of a vehicle can be unsafe and is prohibited at our facility.
  9. For safety reasons, children under 14 are not allowed outside of your vehicle while on site. Pets/animals are not allowed at our facility.
  10. Use of cell phones while driving is prohibited. If you must use your cell phone, park your vehicle and turn off the engine before using the phone.
  11. It is advisable to wear gloves when loading and unloading your brush.
  12. Do not remove any material from our facility. Salvaging is not permitted.
  13. In the event an emergency siren sounds, our employees will direct you to our muster point. See more about our emergency evacuation plan in the Visitor Site Safety Brochure available at the scale house.
  14. You must obey all instructions and cooperate with our employees at all times. Failure to comply will result in removal from our facility.
  15. Our yard is monitored by video surveillance. Customers found dumping concrete, batteries or other unacceptable materials will lose dumping privileges and may be reported to law enforcement for dumping and/or littering.

If you have questions or concerns regarding our Wood to Energy Recycling Program, please call 530.339.7617.


Fast Facts:

Began Operations
Tons of Waste Processed Per Day
55 MW
Energy Generation Capacity
Homes Powered
Annual Barrels of Oil for Power Saved
Annual Tons of Coal for Power Saved