Services Overview

In over 40 years of leading the waste-to-energy industry in the U.S., Wheelabrator Technologies has gathered a cadre of leading experts in the field. We offer community, corporate and industrial customers a range of services based on our expertise.

Wheelabrator’s mission is to meet your waste needs while delivering clean, renewable power to local communities. From your waste, we create reliable, sustainable sources of local energy—powering streetlights and schools, boardrooms and ball fields, and homes and hospitals. Together, we’re preserving our environment for future generations.

At Wheelabrator, we recognize that businesses have very particular needs when it comes to handling waste. We offer contracts designed to meet the specific needs of your business, whether you use a private hauler or bring waste to us directly to receive and dispose of your waste in an environmentally and economically sound way.

Wheelabrator generates clean power from local fuel, providing electricity and steam through the safe, responsible disposal of everyday waste including materials classified as Special Waste.

Our waste-to-energy facilities recover tens of thousands of tons of ferrous and non-ferrous metals every year that would otherwise go to a landfill, directly reducing both greenhouse gas emissions and the need to mine more raw materials.

Wheelabrator has developed best practices for the handling of 10 percent of residual waste that remains after the waste-to-energy process and in plant metals recovery.