Special Waste

Wheelabrator generates clean power from local fuel, providing electricity and steam through the safe, responsible disposal of everyday waste including materials classified as Special Waste.

What is Special Waste?

Non-hazardous waste that needs special treatment or handling like Assured Destruction:

  • Documents

    Confidential or sensitive documents—paper, CD-ROM, or tape

  • Contraband

    Illegal drugs, weapons, patent/trademark infringement products

  • Consumer Products

    Defective, damaged, recalled or outdated consumer products

  • Pharmaceutical

    Pharmaceutical wastes, including off specification production runs, returned goods, and API’s

  • Oily Waste

    Any waste contaminated with oil including manufacturing waste, packaging, speedy dry, scraps, rags, filters, etc.

Our Special Waste Facilities

Making your job easier is our main priority. This includes:

  • Assisting with all manual off-load special waste needs—via labor or mechanical means
  • Maintaining flexible scheduling
  • Offering flexible, second-shift disposal times to accomodate your schedule
  • Adding new, powerful steel drum shredders for heavy-duty industrial waste disposal
  • Significantly reducing Assured Destruction disposal times by using dedicated elevators and delivery systems
  • Providing Assured Destruction certificates immediately after destruction is completed
  • Enhancing our abilities to process non-hazardous liquid wastes

For Assured Destruction—you need trusted, secure, total destruction—not a landfill.

Wheelabrator's state-of-the-art Assured Destruction operations meet or exceed the industry's highest security standards. We guarantee the destruction of your sensitive information, products or other waste so it is never discoverable.

We are trained in handling sensitive materials, providing comprehensive waste analysis and documentation at every step. Our multiple layers of security give you peace of mind that your Special Waste is thoroughly and completely eliminated—forever.

For more information about Wheelabrator's Special Waste Services, email specialwaste@wtienergy.com

Special Waste Contact


Profiling Process

  • Step 1: Visit our Special Waste Profile site
  • Step 2: Create a profile by providing information on your waste stream
  • Step 3: Wheelabrator reviews and approves profile
  • Step 4: Wheelabrator assists you with a Special Waste agreement and approves
  • Step 5: Schedule your delivery